In 2002, the leading advertising publication in Taiwan, ADM, asked Worldwide Partners, Inc. to contribute
a series of articles about independent agencies and how they operate as a network.

I was asked to be the ghostwriter for this series, called "The Entrepreneurial Way,"
based on suggestions by the company's President and CEO, P. Fiske.

A selection of them in PDF format is included here.


An examination of how independently owned advertising agencies functioning as a network can compete in a global marketplace.

Case study: Worldwide Partners, Inc.

How media planners at independent agencies in Scotland and Germany take their clients' brands to new heights.

Case studies: The Union, and Wachter & Wachter

Campaigns by agencies in Argentina and Finland show that smaller, independent agencies can turn on a dime, and make their clients burst into song.

Case study: Gonzalez Taboada / Guevara of Argentina

An agency in Thailand creates a stellar campaign from the most ordinary consumer products.

Case study: Amex Team

"A journalist in Slovenia recently wrote ... to ask for our input for an article she was writing ... the topic of her article was how companies and advertising agencies create effective advertising during a recession."

Case studies: Imago Marketing, Banc, Carton Donofrio, Kirshenbaum Bond

In the age of PowerPoint and high-tech special effects, how does an agency describe what they can do, without distractions technology can create?

Case study: Mintz and Hoke