Responsibilities and Duties of
Public Relations Director / Brand Manager

for Worldwide Partners, Inc.
Damon Gitelman
(303) 588-4515

Brand Planning and Development:

Drafted and executed annual branding / public relations plans and reports for global company

Developed feature-length stories about Worldwide Partners agencies and their activities; collected creative work
and developed case studies for distribution to international press

Developed web-based teaching materials for some 4,100 agency staff members in 40 countries

Public Relations:

Identified and generated publicity opportunities for Worldwide Partners internationally

Developed and maintained relationships with reporters, editors, and consultants

Developed and distributed press releases about international meetings and conferences

Assisted the network’s President and Communications Technology Director in reporting of annual network statistics
for media and industry publications

Developed Worldwide newsletter: Maintained regular correspondence with agency principals and PR professionals regarding
new business news, case studies, and creative work for weekly publication; development of newsletter content to recruit new agencies

Corporate Identity:

Supported 80+ agencies in incorporating Worldwide Partners into agency name and identity

Assist President with press conferences and agency orientation visits

Editorial guidance / support in production of Solicitation and Resource books for agencies

Shareholder Support:

Assisted agencies in positioning themselves as Worldwide Partners for new business presentations

Composed and distributed branding guidelines to all new network agencies

Drafted and distributed English-language press materials as requested by international agencies

Provided assistance with press-appropriate English-language documents as requested by agencies

Tracked advertising trends and issues through industry publications and websites

Attended local and regional meetings to develop press opportunities

Provided competitive intelligence research as requested by agencies

Technical and Administrative:

Posted creative work online as requested by agencies for downloading

Database and mailing list upkeep and maintenance

Digitized videotaped television commercials into QuickTime / web-based formats

Trained Worldwide Partners headquarters staff in writing and graphic arts as required

The WORLDWIDE international newsletter— 250 editions published online:

Case studies about international advertising campaigns — what works, and why:

Building the brand for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City: