Winter 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Damon Gitelman has rendered invaluable assistance to me and many other job seekers through his excellent marketing, news writing, copyediting, researching, and resume critiquing skills. Damon has reviewed several job application letters and resumes during two intensive, and successful, job searches.

With his attention to detail and practical knowledge of the job market, Damon helped me refine my application materials, as well as practice interviewing, and ultimately helped me to win a position with a large Denver company. When that company reorganized, suddenly I was back in the job market, and once again, Damon helped me focus my job applications in such a way that helped me win another position in my highly competitive profession of marketing communications.

Damon has been active in several Denver-area job search groups, serving as counselor and editor for dozens of individuals seeking to present themselves well to prospective employers. He is an excellent counselor and teacher for those wishing to improve their employment prospects in a difficult economy. He also has written and edited job search materials for well-known job coaches, with excellent results for their clients.

I highly recommend Damon as an employment counselor, writer, and editor. He knows how to tailor resumes and offer positive feedback to individuals who may need encouragement through tough times. Damon’s rich background as a university instructor, marketing copywriter, news writer, and reseacher, combined with his sense of humor, sound judgement, and impeccable work ethic, would make him an asset to any organization seeking an effective employment counselor.

Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Patricia Moore
(303) 995-6215

Damon Gitelman

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Damon Gitelman, Ph.D.
(303) 588-4515

Winter 2016

Damon has been writing and editing for the Terry Southern Literary Trust for many years, and has always been responsive and shown great attention to detail. Whether it has been manuscript preparation, proofreading, copyediting, research or letter writing, Damon has consistently gone above and beyond my expectations, even though I've come to expect top quality work from him. I'd highly recommend him for any writing, editing, resumes, copyediting—he can get the job done, and get it done well, and on-time!

Nile Southern, Boulder, Colorado
Director, Terry Southern Literary Trust
Boulder, Colorado
(303) 516-9387

I have collaborated with Damon Gitelman on a number of writing projects and presentations. His ability to analyze complex subjects and narrow the focus to what the audience can understand is outstanding. His business writing, advertising, and newspaper editorial backgrounds make him an ideal choice for large and small writing projects. As fellow writer, I can appreciate the depth of his knowledge and skills in marketing, technical. and writing in a variety of styles, including both the Associated Press (journalism) and Chicago Manual of Style (education and science writing). He also is an excellent teacher, presenter, and collaborator, should you need someone to help you present your ideas or tell your story. I highly recommend Damon Gitelman to assist you with your writing, editing, and presentations.

Patricia Moore, M.A., Denver, Colorado
(303) 995-6215

Damon Gitelman provided great help in compiling my new resume and cover letter. He thoroughly examined my documents, made grammatical and spelling corrections, and suggested better ways to write my job descriptions. I thoroughly endorse Damon Gitelman for resume and cover letter help for those needing assistance with these most vital tasks.

Keith West, Westminster, Colorado
Graphic Artist, Instructor
Front Range Community College/Red Rocks Community College
(303) 426-6617

Damon has extraordinary listening skills. He can capture an understanding of your message and articulate that message in a cogent and compelling manner. He is perhaps the best I have met in his field.

James M. Miller, Littleton, Colorado
Founder / CEO
Pivot Industries Inc
(303) 521-5337

After over two years of job searching I asked Damon to review my resume. He found multiple consistency errors and assisted in cleaning up the presentation. Thanks to his efforts my resume is now far more presentable, clearer, and much more likely to be read by busy HR staff and hiring managers.

Michael Ober, Roxborough, Colorado
Software Engineer / M.I.T. alumnus
(303) 947-0082