August 20, 2001

Harris Drury Cohen Makes History With Data Warehouse

New Business Activity

CCL Wins Best Overall Media Plan for Y2000
in Worldwide Partners' First Annual Creative Media Awards

Harris Drury Cohen
Makes History With DataWarehouse

What do Julius Ceasar, the HMS Titanic, and mortgage lenders have in common?

According to a new print campaign created by Harris Drury Cohen of Fort Lauderdale, Florida,, all could have benefitted from better information. And in the case of the mortgage lenders, that better information should come from Data Warehouse, an information solutions provider for companies in the mortgage industry that is making significant improvements to the data available to mortgage brokers.

In a new national print campaign that started in June, mortgage lenders are informed of the benefits of Data Plus, a proprietary data-modeling product that provides them with the most targeted, accurate, and up-to-date prospect information. The campaign will run in various industry publications.

In one ad, a scroll warns Julius Ceasar, "Beware the Ides of March" ... (for Your Best Friends Are Plotting Your Untimely Demise upon Your Arrival at the Senate). The subhead explains that "Better Information Would Have Changed His Life. Imagine What It Can Do For Your Business."

A follow-up ad show an image of The Titanic sculpted into an iceberg with the additional thought: "This ship is Unsinkable" ... (Unless, Of Course, It Hits an Iceberg and 6 of Its 16 Watertight Compartments Are Filled With Water).

Aimee Hooper, Vice President/Creative Director on the account, explained that her objective was to define the brand, demand attention, and then drive home the important benefits of the Data Warehouse products.

"This can be a very dry subject," Hooper said. "As you look through the [industry] magazines, there are very few ads that treat the readers like people. Our advertising does. It is visually compelling, fun to read, and gives Data Warehouse a brand personality."

"As our company continues to evolve as an information solutions provider, we need to make a shift in how we convey our products and services," said Benjamin Waldshan, company president. "The ‘History’ ad campaign developed by Harris Drury Cohen does this for us. It takes a real event in history, such as the death of Caesar, and relates to how history could have been changed if only he would have had the most complete, up to date information. Data Warehouse is not just another leads provider: we help companies change the outcome of their businesses with the most targeted, up-to-date data."

EVP/Executive Creative Producer: Michael Cannon
VP/Creative Director/Art Director: Amiee S. Hooper
Copywriters: Gianina Gauci, Rich Wolchock
EVP/Account Leader: Robin Michael
Account Executive: John Olson

New Business Activity

Archer/Malmo, Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee, is beginning work for a new client in the home category. The The Futon Association International has hired Archer/Malmo to handle all collateral materials and promotions for their 2002 Futon Expo.

The agency is designing the logo and all collateral material, including exhibitor and attendee brochures, and save-the-date cards. The Futon Association International is the latest addition to the agency’s home category clients, which include Colgate-Palmolive’s Murphy Oil Soap and Palmolive Dishwasher Detergent brands, the National Wood Flooring Association, and ServiceMaster companies Merry Maids, American Home Shield, TruGreen-Chemlawn, Terminix and

Client partnership hailed as "best practice"

The cross-marketing partnership that Archer/Malmo developed between Merry Maids and Colgate-Palmolive’s Murphy Oil Soap is being published as an example in the "Best Practices" chapter of a new business and marketing book from publisher Financial Times/Prentice Hall. The agency will be spotlighted in Serious eBusiness: How the World’s Leading Marketers are Using the Web to Grow Customer Share.Earlier this year, Archer/Malmo launched several offline and online cooperative promotions for Merry Maids and Murphy Oil Soap, including e-mail newsletters, coupons, and an online sweepstakes.

Kalis & Savage Worldwide Partners of Los Angeles, California, has won the business of PureBeauty, a beauty products and services retail business based in Encino, California. Billings are estimated at $3.5 million. The agency will be responsible for creative, media, and in-store promotions.

Adweek's August 13 edition reports that kirshenbaum bond & partners of New York City has been hired by AT&T Broadband of Denver, Colorado, to review the cable company's marketing strategies and positioning—"as it approaches a change," a company representative

CCL Wins Best Overall Media Plan for Y2000
in Worldwide Partners First Annual Creative Media Awards

Worldwide Partners North America held its first annual Creative Awards Competition in conjunction with their annual Media Conference, this year held at the Hyatt Newporter in Newport Beach, California.

Displaying all elements of a stellar campaign, CCL Group’s strategy for Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale won Best Use of Local Television, then proceeded in taking home Best Overall Winner for 2000.

Media Directors entered their best media plans from 2000 in a competition focused in seven categories:

    Best Plan for a Campaign Spending $1 million or less
    Best use of National Television
    Best use of Local Television
    Best use of Magazines
    Best use of Radio
    Best use of Out-of-Home
    Best use of Internet

Applicants were judged by such criteria as innovative nature of the plan, tactical approach, creative or innovative use of media, and effectiveness in meeting the campaign's objective.

According to judges, this entry truly defined the phrase: "The medium is the message." Surpassing preconceived notions about media "do’s and don’ts," CCL "combined a non-traditional creative unit with an innovative media idea" in the strategy assembled for Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale. The effort showed effective collaboration between all facets of the agency.

By sponsoring a single media event, CCL Group established a firm connection between Keith’s Brewery and its target audience. The outcome of integrating sales promotion and advertising is "top rated audience delivery (despite a non ‘heavy-up GRP approach’), as well as consumers who were excited and engaged by the new campaign, which was a fundamental component of the overall objective, and which hopefully, will also translate to increased sales.

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