June 4, 2001

Wasserman Client Wins International Marketing Awards

T&O Group Debuts Fantastic Sams 25th Anniversary Campaign

Nerland Agency Wins McDonald's Prize for "Local Hero" Spot

Archer/Malmo’s Interactive Work Helps to Clean Up Awards

Motivo Design Offers the Ultimate Museum Experience

New Business Activity

HDC Launches Campign for Alabama Power

Wasserman Client
Wins International Marketing Awards

First Heritage Delta Credit Union was honoured recently by the Credit Union Executive Society of America (CUES). At the annual Golden Mirror Awards competition in Reno, Nevada last month, First Heritage – now First Heritage Delta following a merger with Delta Credit Union in January, 2001 – won Second Place for its Image Enhancement Advertising created by Vancouver-based Wasserman & Partners Advertising.

Credit union marketers from around the world submitted 1,033 entries, in 25 categories in this year’s competition. In spite of increased participation from North of the border, First Heritage Delta was the only Canadian credit union to be recognized in the 2001 Golden Mirror Awards.

The winning Image Enhancement Advertising utilizes high impact visuals, including a rooster silhouetted by the moon, whispering renaissance statues and intricate clockworks to draw attention to the major advantages of dealing with First Heritage Delta Credit Union.

"First Heritage Delta deals with members as individuals and these ads speak to members in a distinctive voice where headlines counterpoint and complement the visuals to amplify the illustrated benefit," says Alvin Wasserman, President and Creative Director, Wasserman & Partners Advertising. "The ads maintain a strong, professional look and are not overly slick," adds David Reycraft, Manager, Corporate Communications, First Heritage Delta."

The Golden Mirror Awards is the longest running, most sought after competition for creative and results-producing excellence in the credit union industry. First Heritage Delta Credit Union was also recognized with an Award of Merit in the Annual Report category.

**Image Enhancement Ads and photo of David Reycraft, Manager, Corporate Communications at First Heritage Delta Credit Union receiving award attached.

Photo: David Reycraft, Manager, Corporate Communications at First Heritage Delta Credit Union (right) celebrates a second place win for the Credit Union’s Image Enhancement Advertising at the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) Golden Mirror Awards in Nevada this April. Reycraft is pictured here with Fred Johnson, CUES President/CEO.

T&O Group Debuts Fantastic Sams
25th Anniversary Campaign

The T&O Group, Inc. of Irvine, California, is beginning its Fantastic Sams 25th anniversary national advertising. The new campaign capitalizes on Fantastic Sams' commitment and appreciation of its loyal customers while advancing the messaging that Fantastic Sams' provides the colors, permanents. and contemporary styles differentiating them from competitive salons.

"The agency worked closely with Fantastic Sams developing three major goals of the campaign: to inform the public of Fantastic Sams 25th anniversary, to show the company's gratitude to its customers, and share that Fantastic Sams is a place to get
a quality hairstyle, not just a haircut," said T & O Group President Steve O'Leary. "We feel that the creative designed for the campaign encapsulates all of these goals through exciting, celebration-filled visuals and messaging."

The campaign encompasses an array of creative advertising, including print ads, in-store collateral, and television spots. The first installment of the campaign appeared in print in the May edition of People magazine's "Fifty Most Beautiful People." The creative for the ad featured an elegant typeface headline, "Celebrating 25 years of shaping the styles," over a headshot of a woman sporting pearly lilac and iridescent pink ribbon curls in place of hair. The campaign shows the client has been setting trends for over two decades, and it continues the awareness generated from last year's "Gotta Be the Hair" campaign.

Television spots for the anniversary campaign air in June. These spots show a scene of several different hair styles moving to exciting party-themed music. Focusing on the hair, models were filmed from their eyes to the tops of their heads showcasing the variety of cuts, color and looks that Fantastic Sams offers.

"The T&O Group has been the agency for Fantastic Sams for 17 years, and we're excited to work with them to take the brand to the next level," O'Leary said. "T&O is glad to have delivered a fun and on target effort, and we're excited to see what the next 25 years will bring."

Expanding its global capabilities, The T&O Group is the Southern California owner of Worldwide Partners Inc., the world's largest strategic business network of multi-local entrepreneurial, owner-operated marketing and communications firms. In addition to his duties as president of The T&O Group, Steve O'Leary is chairman of Worldwide Partners.

Nerland Agency Wins McDonald's Prize
for "Local Hero" Spot

The McDonald's Corporation recently awarded The Nerland Agency of Anchorage, Alaska, its highest prize for sports marketing initiatives at the local co-op level. The Nerland Agency was recognized for its work with Alaska McDonald's and their endorsement of Scott Gomez.

The Agency developed a multi-media campaign that communicated Alaska McDonald's support of local heroes, and positioned Scott as the spokesperson for outrageous values at McDonald's. Elements included television, radio, point of purchase, cinema slides, arena signage, packaging, and collateral. This is the second time the Nerland Agency has won this pretigious national award from the McDonald's Corporation.

Gomez is a National Hockey League player, who was born in raised in Anchorage, Alaska. In his first season with the New Jersey Devils, he the Caulder Rookie of the Year trophy. His team won the Stanley Cup with his help, and Gomez is featured on the splash page of the hockey team’s official Web site. Gomez has another opportunity to play for a Stanley Cup-winning team, if the New Jersey Devils defeat the Colorado Avalance in the finals of the NHL playoffs this week

Archer/Malmo’s Interactive Work
Helps to Clean Up Awards

The Murphy Oil Soap Web site, designed by Archer/Malmo, launched last week at . The site features tips and information on wood care and all-purpose cleaning. The site includes a special cross-marketing offer from Merry Maids, the nation's largest maid service. Archer/Malmo brought the two clients, Murphy Oil Soap and Merry Maids, together for the project. Merry Maids now includes Murphy Oil Soap among its cleaning products.

The VP Market Builder Web site, http://www.vp.com/home2.html developed by Archer/Malmo for VP Buildings Inc., won a Silver Award in the highly competitive Internet category of the National Promotional Allowance Association Awards. The site is tiered and allows builders to access all marketing tools provided by VP Buildings Marketing Department from a centralized location. The NAPAA is a not-for-profit national association that focuses on the development and administration of co-op advertising, market development funds, and other program allowances provided by manufacturers/suppliers to their retail and wholesale/distributor customers. The award was presented at the NAPAA’s conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in late May.

Executive Vice President and Creative Director Gary Backaus, and Senior Art Airector Richard Williams, have been selected to co-chair the Memphis Advertising Federation’s annual PUSH Design Conference and Competition. Now in its 26th year, PUSH brings together nationally recognized designers and the regional design community to share ideas, philosophies, and opportunities. This year's conference and competition will be held at the Memphis College of Art November 4.

Motivo Design Offers the
Ultimate Museum Experience

Columbus-based interactive agency designs kiosk
"Treasures from a Lost Civilization: Ancient Chinese Art from Sichuan" for museum exhibition

An interactive display that educates users about ancient Chinese artifacts will accompany a highly acclaimed exhibition of Chinese art at the Seattle Art Museum through August 12. Motivo, a Columbus, Ohio-based interactive agency, produced the site.

Motivo, the interactive division of 10 Worldwide in Columbus, Ohio (formerly HMS Partners) designed a series of kiosks intended to enhance the museum experience for the exhibit, Treasures from a Lost Civilization: Ancient Chinese Art from Sichuan.

Three kiosks supplement the Sanxingdui, Zhou, and Han sections of the exhibition, allowing visitors to virtually examine the artifacts.

"Our goal as developers is to enhance the user experience by creating interaction, said John Reed, lead technical developer. 3We want you to respond to the media by having the media respond to you."

Musum guests will be able to interact with artifacts on several levels. For example, users will be able to watch a movie about how a Sanxingdui mask was made, or put together a puzzle of a Han tomb tile, which requires careful examination of the artifact.

The Motivo technical developers worked with the designers to capture the vision and in turn, expand the user1s capabilities to better understand the artifacts and their historical significance.

The Motivo production team included said Chrys Gee, Technicaldeveloper," and Dan Ledman, Lead Interface Designer.

Motivo’s design of the kiosks is a significant addition to the company’s work with museums across the country. Motivo designed the Web site for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, developed exhibition modules for the Cleveland Museum of Art, and helpled design the production of a CD-ROM for the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

New Business Activity

The Dow Chemical Co. has chosen Sawyer Riley Compton of Atlanta, Georgia, to become the advertising and public relations agency of record for its Great Stuff line of products. SRC was selected after an extensive national review for the opportunity to build a complete, integrated brand program for the foam sealant category leader.

Great Stuff is an inexpensive, easy-to-use foam sealant for do-it-yourselfers and professionals, used to insulate and air-seal cracks and holes around window and door frames, electrical outlets, foundations. Sealing a home with Great Stuff can help reduce monthly energy bills as well as control dust/allergy irritants and reduce the number of insects/pests entering the home. Great Stuff can be found in home centers and hardware stores across the country.

"Great Stuff is a fun product from the creative perspective," said Bart Cleveland, Senior Vice President and Creative Director. "As a creative director, you just know when a product has the potential for great creative, and Great Stuff is one of those products."

The Great Stuff brand campaign will launch September 2001 and will include broadcast and interactive media, direct mail and print as well as strategic media and public relations counsel.

Win Factors: "Through our experience with James Hardie Building Products, we know and understand what motivates buyers in the home products category," adds Louis Sawyer, Chief Navigator for SRC. "Our experience paid off in the pitch, and we’re excited to be working with the team at Dow Chemical Co. to build the Great Stuff brand."

Medical Company Hires Caballero Worldwide Partners
Over Multinational Agencies

Caballero Worldwide Partners of Manila, Philippines, has been selected to handle the advertising of the DKT Foundation. The client’s brands include Trust Condoms; pharmaceuticals are also among the products DTK markets. The company invited six agencies to compete for the account, including Leo Burnett, ASPAC, Grey, and two Manila agencies. Billings are estimated at US $1 million.

"The big picture assignment was to present a strategic plan for expanding the market. Trust is already a market leader in sales and awareness. DTK’s donor partners—the German Government and private foundations in America—needed to see the strategy the strategy that would reach the largest number of young males."

"Our winning factor was the strategic partnering formula. We spent two weeks shifting through their data tables (some of which the other agencies did not do, nor thought to ask). We were recognized as the agency that could "partner" with them in shaping the new directional strategies and execute them."

Applica Consumer Products. Names
Mintz & Hoke Public Relations Agency Of Record

Applica Consumer Products, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of Black & Decker Household Products, Windmere, Littermaid and other consumer household products has selected Mintz & Hoke of Avon, Connecticut as public relations agency of record. Mintz & Hoke will provide public relations services for Applica Consumer Products, Inc., including brand and product promotion, new product launches, media relations, crisis communications, and special projects.

"We’re excited about the relationship with Mintz & Hoke and their involvement in helping us build our brands," said Keith Bernard, Vice President of Marketing. Win Factor: "We were especially impressed with the creativity and energy Mintz & Hoke brings to our public relations efforts. They share our enthusiasm for brand-building through aggressive, innovative PR."

Mintz & Hoke will initially focus on promotion and publicity for the continued rollout of Applica’s new 2001 product line, including several of the newest, most innovative Black & Decker small appliances and household products. Publicity will be targeted to national consumer print and broadcast media, as well as to household product trade media.

Applica Consumer Products, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applica Incorporated, which in June 1998 acquired Black & Decker’s Household Products division. Applica manufactures and markets a range Black & Decker household products, including beverage, cooking, food preparation, and garment care small appliances; Windmere brand products including kitchen and home products; and LitterMaid brand products, including such as the infrared, automatic self-cleaning cat litter box.

HDC Launches Campign for Alabama Power

Harris Drucy Cohen of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has completed television spots for new client Alabama Power. The $5 million effort includes print, direct mail, and employee programs.

In the first commercial, the world is seen as a series of blurred images, slowly growing more visible in dim light. We hear breathing and a small, curious voice. The camera then reverses angle to reveal the face of a beautiful newborn baby, a baby whose first moments upon opening its eyes are spent in the soft lights of a warming table in a hospital birthing room. A voice-over explains, "There are a lot of things people depend on Alabama Power for. Electricity just happens to be one of them."

"There are moments that illustrate our lives. Brilliant for an instant, then quietly passing on. Our job is to simply illustrate those moments in film," explaied Executive Creative Director Michael Cannon, speaking about the breaking campaign created for the agency’s new client,

A second commercial takes a more humorous approach. Two fishermen share a small boat floating on a perfectly still lake. The voice-over is, "Years ago this moment would not be possible, simply because there wasn’t a lake here." The spot goes on to say that it’s "one of four thousand miles of shoreline created by Alabama Power…where people can swim, fish…or just share a beautiful moment together." Hearing this, the two men slowly turn and give each other an awkward glance, wondering if the announcer could possibly be talking about them, as they realize just how close they are sitting together.

Alabama Power’s Philosophy is summarized by the three-word campaign theme, "On and On".

Michael Goldberg, CEO, said that energy is a hot category these days because marketing need to prepare for a deregulated environment. "The long term game is customer relations from customer loyalty," he said. "The path towards loyalty is through increased perception of value. The campaign talks about two kinds of value, the value Alabama Power provides with electricity, and the values the company share with its customers."

Mary Story, Alabama Power’s External Commissions Manager, said, "Our goal is to remind customers that Alabama Power has played an important part in the lives of Alabamians for the past 95 years. Electricity makes many of those special moments in life possible—whether it’s lighting a delivery room or creating a lake for for people to fish and swim in.

Chris Cannon, Creative Director and author of the campaign, also commented on the strategy. "Alabama Power is a part of people’s lives virtually every minute of the day. We just want to talk to consumers in a way that resonates meaningfully and believable. It’s a balance between life’s tender moments and not taking ourselves too seriously."

Other creative credits on the new work include Copywriter Terri Fabel, Art Director Jeff Arwood, Producer Jennifer Holbach, and Director Jonathan Darby.

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